Calling bull moose? These are the locations you need to look for • Outdoor Canada

Calling bull moose is all about location, location, location. Where possible, call from areas that give you the best vantage point. Hills overlooking valleys are ideal for spotting bulls before they see you, swinging the odds in your favour.

Calling from shorelines, beaver ponds, marshes, swamps and creeks are also good bets, especially when there’s abundant nearby food sources such as alders, willows and other shrubs. You’ll typically find cows in those areas, so bulls won’t be far away. If you find a moose-rutting pit, even if it’s an old one, or any other significant evidence of recent moose activity, you’ve identified another prime calling location.

No matter where you set up to call, make sure the prevailing wind is blowing toward you, from the direction you think a bull is likely to approach.

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