This Is How Pro Mountain Biker James Farrar Is Dealing With COVID-19 Shutdown

Live To Ride is back with a new weekly series titled the “Corona Coaster,” a look at how professional mountain bikers in the UK are dealing with a season put on hold due to COVID-19. This first episode is with Canyon Collective rider James Farrar, who in his own words…

“I just like to put my tyres to the test really.”

Nico, the filmmaker, is usually busy working on the Enduro World Series highlights over the summer and with the season being postponed until late August this offers the perfect opportunity to make some films at home in the UK.

We are quite lucky to have several good riding spots within an hour from us and many of them include manicured step-ups. One of James’s favorite things to do is just session one feature, in particular, this cool step up has two hipped landings so James was able to throw whips, 270s and even a 450. He said it’s always fun with a few friends but it was a little odd to be doing it with just myself filming. When I asked him why he likes to session a feature he said:

“Mainly because of my fitness… I’m unfit! But no it’s the fun of it being able to look at one jump and think I can do seven or eight different variations.”

With James’s positive energy and riding with the 50to01 crowd he’s seen some amazing opportunities over the last year and since signing with the Canyon Collective he’s gone from strength to strength. A new private compound he’s working on is only going to mean faster progression.

You can keep up to date with James’s progress by following him over on Instagram @itsjamesfarrar

We’re planning to try and do one of these videos a week and so far we’ve got a cool line up with the likes of EWS athletes Matt Stuttard & Bex Baroana, downhill racers Danny Hart & Matt Walker and FMB Slopestyle rider Tom Isted. With these athletes the episodes will be more focused on the effects of the pandemic as they would usually be traveling to events.

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