Watch: Being a Pro Skier Is Mostly About Mastering R&R

After a second-place finish on the Freeride World Tour, including two perfect runs in Hakuba and Andorra, Hedvig Wessel is looking for some training and R&R. Luckily for us, she knows just the wrong person to call. Enter Katie Burrell, whose film “Dream Job” with director Colleen Gentemann was a nominee for the Powder Awards Movie of the Year and has taken on a cult following for it’s slow, steady roast of the ski industry.

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In “Bromance,” Burrell invites Wessel in British Columbia for an all-in training program. They ski, shotgun beers, and at least nail the R&R bit of Wessel’s training plan. Wessel even goads Burrell into dropping a few cliffs. If you’re in the mood for mischief and mayhem, look no further. And go ahead and unfollow @katieburrelltv on Instagram before she hits 10,000 again.

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Maybe next year Wessel will have some more competition on the tour.

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