Maserati MC20 prototype dedicated to Stirling Moss

Maserati is paying tribute to Stirling Moss, the British race car driver who died on April 12, by wrapping one of its MC20 test mules in commemorative camouflage. The mid-engined sports car is due out in September 2020.

It’s a fitting homage, because Moss logged thousands of miles behind the wheel of Maserati race cars like the 250F (which he called one of his favorites), the 300S, and the famous Tipo 61 Birdcage. It’s difficult to add retro-inspired styling cues to the camouflage applied to a prototype, but Maserati pulled it off well. It added simple, eye-catching red graphics of the racer’s name to the MC20’s rear end and over its wheel arches. The rest of the car is plastered in a Maserati-branded black and white wrap, though there’s a red trident emblem on the roof.

On a secondary and more lasting level, the images published by Maserati give us a better look at the MC20 — a name that likely won’t be retained for production — than previous spy shots. The four round taillights fitted to earlier prototypes have been replaced by a pair of seemingly production-bound horizontal units. We can see the outline of its rear window, and the vents that let hot air escape the engine compartment. The rear panel is held down by four pins. Its front end remains relatively well hidden, though we spot a grille that’s low and wide.

“Sir Stirling Moss would certainly have liked the new MC20,” Maserati summed up. It also reaffirmed its commitment to returning to “a leading role” on the racing circuits, meaning we’ll likely see the MC20 driving flat-out on some of the world’s greatest tracks shortly after it makes its debut. It was scheduled to break cover in May, but its unveiling was pushed back until September due to the coronavirus lockdown measures.

When it arrives, the MC20 will inaugurate a twin-turbocharged V6 engine developed in-house and allegedly tuned to deliver over 600 horsepower. Unverified rumors indicate a hybrid model will join the lineup a little later in the production run with at least 700 horsepower on tap. It will be the first in a long line of new Maserati models, including the next-generation GranTurismo (which will again spawn a convertible) that will be available with an electric powertrain. The coupe will arrive in 2021, while the roadster should appear by the end of 2022.

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