Pro Mountain Biker Braydon Bringhurst One-Ups Himself Again

“I am so fortunate to have my bicycle to get out and ride,” says Braydon Bringhurst. “For my soul.” With Solace, Bringhurst wanted to create inspiration for others—to get out and trail ride—and showcase the beautiful world that mountain biking can take you.

Recognizing current issues, Bringhurst acknowledges the unique opportunity to enjoy MTB—at this extraordinary time in history.

“Biking isn’t changing the world,” says Bringhurst, “But it is helping me to get through these difficult times and my hope is that it inspires others to do the same.”

“The feeling of getting through an incredibly tough climb followed by the thrill and stoke of the descent gives me hope,” says Bringhurst.

Watch Solace above, and go try something new on your bike.

Watch another Braydon masterclass HERE.

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